About Us

What we do

ABC London provides consultancy services in London real estate market focusing on relocation, property sales, acquisition and rentals, offering tailored approach to property search, purchase and all related services.

We offer a wide variety of off-plan developments operating in all central London boroughs.

We give our clients advice on the best hot-spots of housing market and accurately choose properties that will be most suitable to their needs.

To assist our clients with their move or investment purchase we can recommend fully qualified London based solicitors, immigration and visa consultants, removal firms, educational consultants, interior designers or other services necessary to satisfy our customer needs.

For clients looking to invest in London property rental market we offer full property management service.

Who are our clients

We act as personal agents both to international home finders, local private investors and to global companies, seeking property as part of their employee relocation process.

Many clients of ABC London are people looking to relocate to Britain's capital or invest in its property market. We have clients from all around the globe, including USA, Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia and Kazakhstan.

As London is considered to be a 'safe heaven' of property market a lot of clients consider buying or have already purchased here their second home, rental investment or a place for their children to stay during educational period.

What we charge

Depending on our clients' needs, which we discuss prior to the property search, we charge a fixed percentage for the entire consultation, property search, viewings, negotiation with the seller and conveyancing process of the deals all the way to completion. This also includes site visits and introductory tours around the city with our dedicated team.  

Off-plan purchases are typically fee-free, although on some occasions we may charge a fixed consultation fee.